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Los Gatos Meats provides fresh turkeys to ensure you receive a wholesome turkey of the highest quality. We know you will love how juicy, tender and full of flavor our turkeys are. The care we take in providing sustainably raised and handled turkeys really makes a difference.

Tumble turkey, what is that? Tumbling is a technique used to enhance turkey and lock in natural juices without using salts or phosphates. No need to hassle with brining your turkey at home, we have taken care of that for you with out the heavy salt used in a typical brines. The turkeys are put under vacuum pressure which pulls the natural juices into the bird. Mean while under pressure it rolls in a drum as it hits baffles, tenderizing the birds while locking the juices deep in the tissue. Try a Los Gatos Meats Tumble turkey, and your guests will rave about the flavor and

tenderness. Do not forget to order Los Gatos Meats own sausages, to make your stuffing great! Thank you for choosing Los Gatos Meats for your

holiday meal.

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